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Mare Motel

The quality of air flow in a barn is very important to horse health. In an enclosed barn solving this problem can be challenging, and when you add the heat of the southwest sun to the equation, the outcome is often poor conditions. We believe the mare motel is the answer. Perfectly suited for the desert climate, the open design of the mare motel provides maximum protection with outstanding airflow, so even on the hottest summer days you and your horses won’t be slowed down. The versatility of a mare motel also gives you the option of adding panels to enclose sections of your barn for the winter months, foaling, or in the event of an injury.

Another great option we offer to our mare motels are misting systems—to ease those summertime woes. Misting systems lessen the impact on your horse of long hot days and are easily installed with virtually no maintenance. The cooling effect of the mist decreases stress to the horse by dropping the temperature up to 15 degrees. This is especially an asset to those with older or laminitis prone horses who benefit from cooler ground conditions. Water and electric usage is minimal and comfort for the horse and owner is maximized.

Sample Mare Motel Specifications

  • Stall Dimensions: 12’x14’, 12’x16’, 12’x24’, 16’x16’
  • Rails: 3, 4, 5, or 6 rails
  • Breezeway: 10', 12', 14', 16'
  • Tack Room Option
    • Cement foundation
    • Square tubing frame
    • Roll-up doors
    • Custom dimensions
    • Custom doorway and corner trim

Expertly engineered plans available for a smooth permit process

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  Shed Rows
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Options are unlimited. Your vision is what we fabricate.

As the foundation of our structures, we use only quality steel materials to ensure optimum protection and safety for you and your horses. The strength and durability of steel provides a structure capable of handling the wear of kicking, chewing, and heavy duty use, helping to insure your facility will last you a lifetime.

Galvanized Steel
  • Protective coating prevents rusting

Black Pipe
  • Natural oxidation provides a rustic appeal, with ultimate durability

PBR Panels
  • Various colors available

Wood Inserts
  • Placed between rails to provide a southwest spin on the classic wood barn
  • Can be stained or painted for a customized appearance

Cement Curbs
  • Keeps stalls dry and bedding contained

Custom Latches
  • Latch correctly every time

*Also representing MD Barnmaster products


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